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About Music Audio Stories

Author Anna-Christina from Music Audio Stories

Are you looking for a great new fun educational tool for your children?

Welcome to Music Audio Stories!

My music based audiobooks are fun and educational for Early Learning, preschool and children aged 3+. Not only do they encourage children to take part in the story through drawing, song and dance, they inspire them to act out the scenes and be part of the magical journey. Children love to hear the stories over and over again, as they discover new things each time they listen. This is something I have tried and tested myself during my own Story Time at nurseries and schools all over London.

My unique audiobooks help your children stimulate their productive senses and imagination. They are great for school use and homeschooling and make those long car journeys fly by. They are also wonderful for children with impaired vision or vision disabilities.

I am very proud that Music Audio Stories have been awarded 5 Star Ratings on several audiobook review websites.

What makes my audiobooks different | The benefits of Music Audio Stories | School Use and Homeschooling

What makes my audiobooks different

One of the things that makes my audio stories special from others you may have heard, is the strong themed, original classical music I compose behind the narration. Unlike other children's audiobooks, the music continues throughout and is an essential part of the stories.

If you listen carefully, you will notice that the music is phrased with the narration and character voices, making the stories almost seem like songwriting rather than your standard audiobook.

I combine cartoon style voices with Sound Effects to create movement in the sound. Try listening to my audiobooks with headphones on!

The benefits of Music Audio Stories

Apart from enjoying the stories together with your child, you will find many benefits. The audiobooks enhance mental well-being, build confidence and develop imagination. They teach your child the importance of friendship, cooperation, tolerance and team effort with everyone no matter how different they are. They inspire movement, problem solving, build social skills and promote concentration.

Your child will learn about animals and insects, colours, numbers, flowers, and magic! I have specific stories about the Solar System and littering. I even have a story that features the sounds of New York City and an Ice Hockey game!

Each story has excellent lessons which are taught in such a fun and simple way, children don’t even realise they are learning a lesson!

School Use and Homeschooling

My children's stories are great for school use and homeschooling. Music Audio Stories provide an entertaining tool for parents to not only test their child's listening abilities, but also stimulate their productive senses, imagination and improve their visualization skills. Nurseries and schools all over London have enjoyed my unique Story Time. It consists of three key elements: Listening, drawing and drama. My audiobooks compliment Key Stage 1 and areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

I know that parents are always looking for new creative activities to do with their child. You can use my Story Time as an outline to make your own Music Audio Story Time with your child! Simply download a story of your choice and test their listening ability. Encourage them to make a drawing of the story and then act out the scenes together.

Submit their drawing to my Kids Corner and you'll have the joy of seeing your child's drawing in the gallery on this website. Make sure your child's first name is written on the front of the drawing with their age and the date and then post them directly onto Facebook, Google+ or Tweet it @musicaudiostory.

Visit my Story Time page for more information and to read my brilliant Top Ten recommendations from schools and nurseries.

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