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Audiobooks Are Awesome!

Why are audiobooks so great for children?

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In recent years, children's audiobooks have made a huge comeback and it's not difficult to understand why they are so popular. They are fun, easy to use, and useful for teaching. They help with reading skills if you follow the words along whilst listening. Doing this also enhances word-recognition. Listening without books can expand vocabulary as well as allowing your child to "read" more difficult books.

I love creating my Music Audio Stories! 😊 My audiobooks are unusual and have been created with an exciting soundtrack which gives my stories more drama and depth. I use different voices for each of my characters and it's so much fun creating sound effects!

Although I love books, what I like about audiobooks is that you can pop a CD on or a download on any device, while you're on the go. There's no need to carry around heavy storybooks with you which is great! Plus, escaping to another world where animals talk and sing is awesome!

During my Storytimes at schools and nurseries, I have seen how audiobooks develop listening skills and concentration. Younger children in my groups have understood language above their reading age and my stories have helped them to learn new words. Apart from making them laugh, I have also seen how audiobooks can help children understand and appreciate unfamiliar accents and dialects. Audiobooks open up literary texts for blind children and are fantastic for dyslexics. Those with Attention Deficit Disorders may find that listening is more distraction-free than reading.

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Audiobooks truly are awesome!

💚 Anna Christina

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