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Behind the scenes of Music Audio Audio Stories!

From an early stage in our journey with Music Audio Stories, I decided to record all of the actors we worked with on video. Some of the earlier video footage we took wasn't very clear but as we progressed, the quality of the footage became clearer and better. I'm usually the one who films the actors in the live room whilst Adie is recording them in the control room. The key to filming the actors is to make sure you don't put them off! 😆

Some of my favourite moments were during the making of our audiobook Johnny No Cash when we worked with Paul Kaye as Russell the pirate crow and his son Geffin as the Robin. We have footage of them recording the Sea-Shanty I wrote which the pirates sing as they cross the river. Another fun recording session was making Jimi and his friend Joe. I recorded footage of how we made Jimi's jazzy theme song with Rob Stitch and Thomas Meadows. I've also added one more video below of Cormac Mc Coy doing the voice-over for our Centipede in Weird & Wonderful. Magic!

These are some of my favourite videos but we have lots more here Behind The Scenes.

We've got some brand new footage coming soon from our new story so keep an eye out for it! 😉

💚 Anna-Christina

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