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Chris the Caterpillar

A magical story about a garden, flowers, a fairy and a caterpillar who dreams of becoming a colourful butterfly.

Chris the Caterpillar Cd cover image

Chris the Caterpillar was my second children's audio book and was written over an existing classical piece of music I had composed some years before. The original score was called Rise of The Butterflies and was written when I was recovering from a major operation, so the music means a great deal to me. I was the butterfly rising up and back to life and so this was the perfect music for this story. It was also the first story where another artist joined us. Kiria Lepink provided the perfect voice for our fairy and really brought the character to life. We discovered that Adie has a real talent for voices and so once again, he played the lead character in the story and we laughed a lot as he created the voice for Chris which you can see in the video below.

Story Synopsis

One day, a fairy called Butterfly, discovered a sad looking caterpillar called Chris, sitting in a dark corner of a shed at the bottom of a garden. Chris wanted to have colourful wings like the fairy and fly in the sunshine. The fairy explained that she could help and flew back into the garden to call on her friends. With her magic wand, the fairy took a tiny splash of all the colours of the flowers and then her wand began to glow! But Chris does not believe in magic. Will he finally become what he’d always dreamed of being, a colourful butterfly? This story includes a dynamic original classical soundtrack, accompanied by nature sounds and sound effects throughout the narrative.

Story length: 3m02s | Age: 2+

Character voices:

  • Adie Hardy as Chris the Caterpillar
  • Kiria Lepink as Butterfly the fairy
  • Various flower voices by Adie Hardy and Anna-Christina
Kiria Lepink with fairy wings on recording Butterfly the fairy in our audio book Chris the Caterpillar image
Kiria Lepink with fairy wings on recording Butterfly the fairy in our audio book Chris the Caterpillar image
Kiria Lepink with fairy wings on recording Butterfly the fairy in our audio book Chris the Caterpillar image

Kiria LePink with her fairy wings on recording the voice of Butterfly the fairy.

Fairy's Wand image

Children's Imagination

Sometimes during my Story Time I use props, and for this story I decided to use a fairy's wand. I do all the actions just like the fairy in the story and the children like this. However, one of the extra things I added very early on, was to end the Story Time by going around the group and sprinkling all of the children (and teachers) with some magic fairy dust from the wand. The children absolutely love this and there's always one or two who ask me if the wand is the REAL wand that Butterfly uses! To this I always reply yes of course and this makes them so happy.

Whenever I leave after doing this story with the children, their enthusiasm has rubbed off on me and I feel childlike for the rest of the day, believing in magic and feeling so uplifted! The power of imagination always brings a smile to my face and I remember how awesome it was to use it so vividly when I was little. Children really use their own imagination!

The drawings for this story are always super colourful and one of the things I ask the children to do, is to draw their favourite flower which they enjoy doing. I've noticed at many schools and nurseries that this story has fitted in nicely with what the children have been learning with their teachers about caterpillars, butterflies and colours. That's always really great.

Behind The Scenes

Enjoy an early behind the scenes video of the making of Chris the Caterpillar with Kiria recording the voice of Butterfly the fairy. Kiria was the perfect fairy and even brought her own fairy wings and wand!

Listen to a sample of the story below

💜 Anna-Christina

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