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New Digital Storytime Packages!

Create your own Storytime at home with your kids!

Music Audio Stories Digital Storytime Package

Encourage your children to listen, sing, dance, draw, and write with my new exciting Digital Storytime Packages! ????

These packages have been specially designed to help parents entertain their little ones at home. Now you can create your own Storytime using my music audiobooks and printables.

Whether you are looking for a fun activity to enjoy together, or in need of a little time-out, my packages will keep kids occupied, happy and engaged. I have added three packages to my Etsy shop and I will be introducing more over the next few weeks.

What you will find in my new Digital Storytime Packages:

  1. A music audiobook download
  2. An illustrated guide page to help you create your own storytime at home
  3. A fun Question Tree printable
  4. A cute coloring-in character printable

How to get the most out of my Digital Storytime Packages:

Music Audio Stories Digital Storytime Package
  • Enjoy listening to the audiobook with your child.
  • Encourage your child to answer the fun questions on the Question Tree printable.
  • Get creative together by colouring in the character printable.
  • Play the audiobook again, this time acting out the scenes in the story.
  • Most of my Music Audio Stories have cute songs, so you can sing and dance along!
  • Finally, post the coloured in printable on one of my social media platforms.
  • Make sure your child's first name, age, and date are written on the front of the drawing and the artwork will be part of the Music Audio Stories world!

My audiobooks compliment Key Stage 1 and areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage which makes them a brilliant tool for homeschoolers. They are perfect for rainy afternoons, during the holidays, or simply on the weekend when you want to encourage your child to be creative. Endless hours of fun and entertainment!

Children's drawings of Music Audio Stories

Don't forget to post the artwork on one of my social media platforms, I shall enjoy looking at their work of art! You may even see it on my wall in one of my YouTube videos!

Made with love from me to you!

???? Anna Christina

Storytime Packages available on Etsy


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