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The People Behind The Voices

We work with real actors and musicians who bring our characters alive!

Adie Hardy and Anna-Christina in the studio writing a song and waving their hands up in the air image

Many of the voices of our characters in our audiobooks are performed by us! We found we had a talent for voices by chance one day at the studio when we were talking about who should do the voice of Sid the ant in our first audiobook March of The Ants.

All of our Music Audio Stories are narrated by Anna-Christina. Reviewers have mentioned the tone of the narration in reviews - Priscilla Tan (Priscilla and her Books) described it as "liquid gold". We discovered that Adie has the ability to create countless different tones and accents and has a real sense of comic timing. Adie's voice pops up in almost all of our audio stories!

Kiria Ceinwen with her fairy wings on recording the voice of Butterfly the fairy in our audio book Chris the Caterpillar image

We are fortunate enough to have special guests do voice-overs for us every now and then too. They include talented actors from TV, film, theatre and musicians. Characters really come to life when the actors voice them. Choosing the right voice for the right character is always fun and we've had one or two surprises along the way!

The first person to join us in one of our stories was Kiria Ceinwen. Kiria had the perfect gentle and playful voice we were looking for for our fairy in our audiobook Chris the Caterpillar. On the day, she brought her own fairy wings and wand to help her transform into the role. Kiria's fairy made a cameo appearance in our Christmas Magic story too. We recorded the sound of her wand flapping around as she delivered her lines. We have video footage of this to on our Busy Bees TV page! 😉

Rob Stitch recording the voice of Jimi the cat in our audio book Jimi and his friend Joe image

Performing a voice for one of our characters can be a challenge! Not only do we ask for a great voice, lots of expression and excitement but we feature quite a few songs in our stories too, so this means once the actor has established their voice, they then need to make sure they can sing in that voice! 😆

This has caused much laughter indeed! It was great fun listening to Rob singing Jimi's jazzy theme tune in Jimi and his friend Joe.

Listen carefully to the song and you will hear us singing backing vocals in the background of the song! 😂

Aris Tsigaras and Aaron John recording the voices of Robert and Johnson in our audio book Robert & Johnson's Space Adventure image

Normally when we are recording the voices of the characters, each person records their part on their own, usually to a scratch track (guide track) which Anna-Christina has already recorded. However, there have been a few times when we have dared to record two voices at the same time!

When we set about making our space story, Robert & Johnson's Space Adventure, we pretty much decided straight away that the two lead characters would need to interact with each other during the recording because of the way their lines were written.

The two actors who played Robert and Johnson (Aris Tsigaras and Aaron John) were in mind when the story was written so we knew the actors would do a great job. They made us lol with their banter and Ad-Libs, it was brilliant! They also sang and played their song, Aris on guitar and Aaron on banjo, together on the same day.

Geffin Katz Kaye recording the voice Robin in our audio book Johnny No Cash image

Geffin Katz Kaye is the youngest member of the team. He is our rockin' Robin in our audiobook Johnny No Cash. He was accompanied by his dad, Paul Kaye who is also featured as the pirate crow Russell in the same story.

Geffin was excellent at recording his voice and also singing in the sea chanty with the other pirates in the story. The actors sit with us in the control room while we go over ideas for the voices and then they record their parts in the live room with headphones on. Each character has their lines coloured in a different colour making it easier and quicker to read.

Visit our fabulous gallery to see photos of all the actors and musicians who have been in our stories here Photo Gallery.

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