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Kids At Home

Due to the challenging time we are all facing dealing with COVID-19, I have decided to offer parents free fun activities to do at home with their children! Listening to audiobooks is an enjoyable and accessible non-screen-time entertainment tool you can use as a healthy activity for your children and your entire family to enjoy together. Equally, you can download my magical music audiobook and the Fun Pages below and let your kids enjoy the activities, while you go and have a cup of tea! 😊

Here's what to do:

1. Download your free audiobook 'Chris the Caterpillar' below.
2. Download the Interactive Question Tree Sheet and Colouring-in Template below.
3. Enjoy listening to the audiobook and fill in the answers on the Interactive Question Tree Sheet, together with your child.
4. Encourage your child to colour in the picture of Chris the caterpillar. They can colour in the Question Tree too!

(If you don't have a printer at home, your child can create their own drawing of the story!)

Kids Corner

You can submit your child’s picture to my Kids Corner! Add their name, age, and the date on the front of the picture, then post it directly onto Facebook or Tweet it @musicaudiostory and I will add your child's picture to my Kids Corner making it part of the Music Audio Stories creative world!

You can read more about the story here.

Have fun!

💚Anna Christina

Chris the Caterpillar
Chris the Caterpillar Cover Image

Age: 2+

A magical story about flowers, a fairy, and a caterpillar.

Free download
Interactive Question Tree Sheet
Chris the Caterpillar Interactive Question Tree Sheet Image

Age: 2+

Interactive Questions Fun Page download.

Free download
Colouring-in Template
Chris the Caterpillar Colouring-in Image

Age: 2+

Colouring in Fun Page download.

Free download

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