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Christmas Magic Audiobook

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Story Synopsis

It is the day before Christmas which means, it's Christmas Eve! This year Santa is so busy, that he has to call upon extra helpers to deliver all the presents. And so, he calls upon the ants! The ants set off on a winter adventure to deliver the presents. But can they make it to their final destination before Christmas morning? This story is an amalgamation of the first five stories written by Anna-Christina and includes an original classical soundtrack with a fantastic sing-along Christmas song featuring the whole cast of Music Audio Stories! Accompanied by unique Sound Effects throughout.

Story length: 11m08s | Age: 5+

How your child will benefit from this story

This audiobook is a wonderfully creative way of teaching your child how vital giving and sharing is at Christmas. They will learn about farm animals and the noises they make. The importance of friendship, cooperation, tolerance, and team effort feature highly in this audiobook. It will inspire movement, problem-solving, build social skills and promote concentration.

Character Voices:

Adie Hardy - Sid the ant/The Head of The Ants/'Yes' the squirrel/Tyler the dog/Twee the crow

Anna-Christina - Frenchy the ant/Winniepeg the chicken

Belle Star - ‘No’ the squirrel

David Ryder Prangley - Johnny the hamster

Geffin Katz Kaye - Robin

Paul Kaye - Captain Russell the pirate crow

Kiria Lepink - Butterfly the fairy

Rob Stitch - Jimi the cat

Tom Meadows - Piggy the pig

Behind the scenes and Storytime

Why was this story a major task? Watch videos and see photos of the recording sessions plus
read about how we use this story in our Storytime here: Christmas Magic.

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