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Storytime with Anna-Christina

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Story Time is presented by me, Anna-Christina, the author and narrator of Music Audio Stories!

I began doing Story Time at nurseries and schools as a way to test my audiobooks on the children. I wanted to see first hand, how they interacted with them. I then set about writing more stories with what I had learned from them in mind, which is why my stories have been such a hit with children and teachers.

I do a mix of listening, drawing and drama. I cover a number of skills e.g: social interaction, developing self-confidence and encourage children to use their own imagination. They are fun, engaging, interactive, creative and educational. My background in performing arts helps with song, dance and drama and I love working with children.

I have visited hundreds of nurseries, children centres, schools and libraries and the response has been amazing! In fact, my Story Time has become so popular, I have requests for weekly and monthly visits! I do Workshops all over London and I love being a storyteller!

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Library Events

I take part in many community events such as Family Fundraisers and the Baby & Children's Market UK but one of the most fun things I do, is Story Time at London Libraries! I want to do my part to help keep London Libraries alive and buzzing by offering my Story Time to the public for free. I believe libraries are important places, not just for children but for everyone!

I often dedicate my time during holidays to organise events for children and families at various libraries. It's so lovely to do Story Time with parents involved as I also love to see how they react to my audiobooks! I'm pleased to see they are as popular with parents as they are with children. This makes me very happy indeed!

Demand for my Story Time is growing which makes me feel extremely proud. If you have children between the age of 2 to 7 years old, join me at one of my musical Story Times! Subscribe to receive Story Time updates so you won't miss your chance to catch me in your local area!

Read more about Story Time at London Libraries and Stories From Story Time and follow me on Twitter @StorytimewithAC.

Anna-Christina from Music Audio Stories doing Story Time at London Libraries

Free Events

Brompton Open Day Fair

Sunday 21st 2019

11:00am - 5:00pm
Hidden River Festival 2019

Saturday 14th September 2019

12:00pm - 6:00pm
October Library Events

Dates TBA

Times TBA

Educational Elements

Anna-Christina from Music Audio Stories doing Story Time at London Libraries
Music Audio Stories make learning easy and fun!

All of my stories have different themes, which at times connect to the children’s learning programs. Some stories are ideal for use at the beginning of the school year when new children are settling in. Others are energetic with movement and dance.

Children learn about animals and insects, colours, numbers, nature, and magic! I also have stories about the Solar System, littering and the importance of friendship, cooperation, tolerance and team effort. All of my stories instil positive messages as I think this is very important for children growing up. My sessions compliment Key Stage 1 and areas of the Early Years Foundation Stage.

I cover a wide range of ages from nursery and preschool groups aged 2 to 5, to school groups aged 5 to 7 (Year One and Two). My lesson plan varies according to the age group. I ensure all children have individual attention which is why I usually do groups of around 20 children at a time. Although, I have had Story Time with up to 40 children in one session and library groups are often large too! Last year I had 100 people at one of my Workshops at Hammersmith Library!

Lesson Plan

  • Listening - Story Time involves playing one of my Music Audio Stories to the children and stimulating their listening abilities and observation skills, as well as their imagination.

  • Learning - Valuable lessons are taught throughout my Workshop. Children learn about the animals and insects in the story as well as other life lessons depending on the story I use in the session.

  • Drawing - Children are encouraged to draw the characters or anything they heard in the story. This produces creative results and helps them to remember various things they have heard in the story. This is also a time when I teach the children about colours, shapes and other things related to the story.

  • Drama - I play the audiobook again whilst acting out the scenes together. This part is great fun and enables children to use their own imagination. Some stories have cheerful songs to aid with the lessons being taught and children enjoy singing and dancing along. Occasionally I use props and visual aids. This activity is excellent for developing social skills.
Story Time Book image
Anna-Christina from Music Audio Stories doing Story Time at London Libraries
Season Specials

I have a number of stories tailored for different seasons throughout the year.

'Christmas Magic' is perfect for Christmas performances (which I have done at Treetops Nursery and other Workshops). The audiobook includes a sing-along song which the children learn very quickly. It incorporates Christmas themes such as giving and sharing.

'Chris the Caterpillar' is used in the summer when children are learning about the colours of flowers and spending more time outdoors. My story 'Weird and Wonderful' works well for Halloween. It teaches children about the less popular bugs such as centipedes and slugs and the importance of not stepping on the insects.

Our most recent addition to this story category is our Easter story 'Easter Egg Hunt', which we used on our Easter Library Tour 2019!

Kids Corner

After every first visit, I publish children’s drawings in an art gallery, making them a part of my creative world forever! This is popular with parents! At subsequent visits, children take their drawings home.

Kids corner artwork image
Kids corner artwork image
Kids corner artwork image
Kids corner artwork image
Kids corner artwork image
Kids corner artwork image

'Robert & Johnson's Space Adventure' drawings by Gower House School

You can submit drawings of my stories to my Kids Corner! Include first name, age and the date and post the artwork directly to Facebook or Tweet it .


"Anna-Christina is always very friendly, welcoming, and professional at all times. Her sessions are always well planned and delivered, and children and parents alike are delighted with the stories and related crafts. It's always a pleasure to host one of her sessions."

Ami Sekhon - Kentish Town Library

"It was so interesting, the story was amazing, the children were sitting down without moving and listening nicely. They had a lot of fun and Anna-Christina interacted with them so well. It's something really interesting because they use a bit of their own imagination."

Silvia Labra - Bubbly Day Nursery

"Both groups were engaged in the workshop presented by Anna-Christina. She explained the workshop well to the children and was calm and sensitive to their needs and responses. They really enjoyed acting out the story and got the message of putting rubbish in the bin."

Wendy Kelly - Jelli Tots Nursery

"I would like to express our thanks to Anna-Christina for an amazing story time. It was very expressive, interactive and exciting for all. The children loved taking part during the session. I would highly recommend this style of storytelling as it encourages development in young children."

Sona Kalenderina - Shoe Lane Library

“The presentation and story was absolutely fantastic. The children were all sitting, staring at Anna-Christina. They all interacted well and did some beautiful pictures and lively acting. Please come again soon.”

Brenda Forrester - Nuffy Bear Day Nursery

"The children were really engaged. They were excited listening to the story and drawing what they could hear. Simple - easy to listen to and retell the story."

Kirstie O'Connor - Stonebridge Primary School

"Absolutely amazing. Initiative to get children interested in reading. The music added a new dimension to storytelling. Full of fun and interaction for all ages."

Jas Sineh - Community Event - Acton Library

"The story was age appropriate. It kept the children focused and covered a number of skills."

Mrs Jobe - Gower House School

“The story was great. It kept children's interest and attention and the children learnt a small lesson on tidying up and keeping the place clean."

Manisha Pindoria - Happy Hands Montessori

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