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A little magic this Christmas

Merry Christmas from Music Audio Stories!

'Tis the season to be jolly and no matter what rules and regulations you are currently under, let's not let it ruin our Christmas! You may not be wanting to venture out, and that's understandable, but that doesn't mean you can't have lots of fun at home with your little ones! This is a wonderful time for cozy evenings, games, and storytelling at home.

I wasn't going to release Christmas magic in my new Etsy shop yet as I still have my EP singles lined up for release. However, I wanted to do my part to help parents keep their children entertained at home. Christmas Magic is a wonderfully creative way of teaching children how vital giving and sharing is at Christmas. Plus it's a super fun story! Find out more about the story and listen to a sample here Book Details.

Music Audio Stories presents Christmas Magic, by Anna Christina

This audiobook is an amalgamation of my first five Music Audio Stories. The story is set on Christmas Eve! Santa is so busy, he has to call upon extra helpers to deliver Christmas presents. He calls upon ants! The ants set off on a winter adventure to deliver the presents, marching through various places and meeting funny characters along the way! Can the ants make it to their final destination before Christmas morning?

The audiobook includes original classical music, unique sound effects throughout the narrative, and a fantastic sing-along Christmas song at the end, featuring the whole cast of Music Audio Stories!

Audiobook length: 11:09 | Age: 5+

Create your own Storytime with this cute story by encouraging your little ones to draw the characters and scenes from the story! This is the perfect kids' audio entertainment to spark the imagination!

Christmas audiobooks are rare, but trust me, your children will love this one!

???? Anna Christina

Audiobook available on Etsy

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