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An Author's Journey

What inspired me to write my first Music Audio Story?

My first Music Audio Story March of The Ants was written for a college assignment! I was studying Music and Sound Technology at the time and I already had the music composed so all I had to do was write a story over it. It all happened very quickly and I remember a few days after I handed the project in, my tutor Dino was so impressed, he told me I should be doing this for a living! I thought perhaps this story was a one-off and wondered if I could write another one but as soon as I sat down to write my second story Chris the Caterpillar, it flowed out of me so naturally, I just kept writing more and more stories and music!

Anna Christina, the author, writing Music Audio Stories in the park

The first time I saw my name on the Amazon website listed as an author was so exciting! I realised in that moment that my journey as an author had begun.

A writer's work develops over time and my writing skills have evolved in time too but the quality of writing words and sentences rhythmically was evident from my first audiobook and has continued in every audio story I have written since.

As I've mentioned in another blog post, I don't overthink! This just happens naturally. I have lots of ideas for stories all the time! I’ve always had a very creative mind and stories and music just seem to pour out of me. I like the idea of unlikely heroes and characters overcoming obstacles or saving the day!

I tend to write fast and once I have begun a story, I'll finish it straight away while the idea is fresh in my mind. I don't like to get interrupted as this can stop the flow of music and words and as I experienced last year with a story, I can find it hard to find the inspiration to pick up where I have left and finish!

Sometimes I go and sit in my local park writing my ideas down in a book. As our stories are all about nature and animals, this is a great location to find inspiration but I have also had ideas randomly whilst traveling on the tube for instance!

Music Audio Stories script on the mixing desk image

Once I have an idea for a story, I write the story and the score at the same time. It's very organic. My original drafts of the stories have very few changes or edits on them! The same is said for the music. I feel like Music Audio Stories write themselves and all I need to do is just listen! ????

The response to my music audiobooks has been amazing! I'm so glad people can hear how unique my stories really are. I can't wait to see where this incredible journey takes me next!

???? Anna Christina

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