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Billy at Swiss Cottage Library

What do toddlers at the library do when they meet Billy the monkey?

Storytime with Anna Christina and Book Signing at Swiss Cottage Library image

I was able to include Swiss Cottage Library as one of my Library Book Signing Tour dates and it was great to be back there again last week. I forgot how large the Children's Library is and it was wonderful to spread out and enjoy such a comfortable space for Storytime. I had a lovely group of families and I couldn't wait to read my picture book, Billy Joins the Circus, to them. For such a young group of toddlers, they all sat still and listened very well, especially when I started to sing Billy's theme tune! 😊

At the end of my read-aloud, I looked around the library and saw lots of little smiling faces. It was adorable! They enjoyed creating their drawings and they loved singing and dancing along, with the help of their mums, to the Music Audio Story. It was delightful. That is the great thing about my book. Children benefit from all of the items I have included inside and I love seeing how they react to them. Thank you to Chris and everyone at the library for their help and to the families who attended.

I only have two more dates left on my Library Book Signing Tour which are:

Fulham Children's Library - Libraries Week

Date: Wednesday 5th October 2022
Time: 11:00 am - 11:45 am

Address: 598 Fulham Road
Telephone: 020 8753 3877
Tube: Parsons Green

Book Free Ticket Here

North Kensington Library

Date: Tuesday 18th October 2022
Time: 10:30 am - 11:15 am

Address: 108 Ladbroke Grove
W11 1PZ
Telephone: 020 7361 3010
Tube: Ladbroke Grove

Book Free Ticket Here

All workshops are free to attend but please book or sign up at the library
For children aged 2 - 7 yrs

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I've got more fantastic events coming up so watch this space!

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