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Billy Joins the Circus

An uplifting story with the message that dreams can come true!

Billy Joins the Circus audiobook cover image

Billy Joins the Circus was inspired by my Storytime with the children at nursery! I wanted to create a story with a catchy song where children could move, dance and sing along. The audiobook is about a monkey who wants to join a circus and has to prove his talent before he is allowed to join.

In the song, Billy sings about the things he can do in an attempt to impress the Ringmaster. This song has an incredible way of making you smile and want to join in singing! All of the actors performed Billy's song which was great fun to record!

The lead character was performed by Sadie Kay. Not only did she do a great job with Billy's voice but she sang the song with perfect theatrical energy which really brought it to life. Find out more about the story here Book Details.

Fun in the Studio

Anna Christina from Music Audio Stories in the recording studio

Although I take my role as storyteller seriously, I do have an enormous amount of fun making my audiobooks! Creating the characters' voices is always a fun process and adding sound effects to voices can be very funny indeed! Sometimes, this part of the creation process can take longer than one would imagine!

I invent many of my own sound effects from scratch and I always make sure I use original sounds. I use panning and other volume tricks to create as much movement and depth in the stories as possible. Sometimes I get so carried away with all the fun I'm having, I end up singing and dancing along to the story! It's lucky there isn't a hidden camera in the studio because I'm sure people would think I am a little crazy!

Storytime with Anna Christina

Billy Joins the Circus - Storytime with Anna Christina circus props

This audiobook has been very popular in my Storytime. I brought coloured wristbands (that look like scrunches) for the children to put on, to help them feel as though they are in the circus when I do the drama section of my Storytime. I also printed out templates to help me teach the children about The Big Top. They love this! The templates give them a chance to practice their colouring in as well as their drawing skills.

When I use this music audiobook in my Storytime, it gets pretty energetic as the song is repeated three times! Stamping your feet, clapping your hands, spinning around, jumping up and down, touching your toes, and waving your hands up in the air (like you just don't care), gets pretty tiring the third time around! I would advise that you don't do this at bedtime! ???? It is, however, excellent fun to listen to with your little ones in the morning, afternoon and perfect for birthday parties!


The feedback I have received for this story has been brilliant! It has been extremely popular at nurseries and libraries as children love to sing along and do the moves in Billy's song! Dawn Heslin from Bound4Escape has reviewed several of my audio stories and claims this one is her favourite. This story was also awarded a 5-star-rating by Priscilla and her Books. I have also heard from a few parents, that after repeated listens, their children started to sing "yes I can!" rather loudly! Ahhh, the joy...

You can create your own Storytime with your children at home using my Storyime Package.

Have fun!

???? Anna Christina

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