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Billy Makes Children Smile

The children of North and South London meet Billy the monkey!

Storytime with Anna Christina and Book Signing with Anna Christina from Music Audio Stories at Wimbledon Library image
It's true! Billy really does make children smile. I know because I have seen it...

This week, my Library Book Signing Tour kicked off with two brilliant Storytime and Book Signing events at Wimbledon Library and Kentish Town Library. The families at both of the libraries enjoyed my fun creative workshop and liked my picture book table display.

I spent a long time doing market research and testing my book to make sure it was produced at a high standard so I could go out into the world with confidence and say, yes, children love this. Yes, this is recommended by teachers. Yes, parents love it too and yes, reviewers and customers have given this picture book 5-star ratings!

I'm glad I took my time to try to perfect every detail because now, nothing is giving me more joy than seeing children reading and enjoying my new picture book, Billy Joins the Circus. I realise this is only the beginning of my book journey but so far, it has been extremely well received. Both the parents and children love the concept of the book with the audio and activities inside. I've had so many wonderful comments on the story, the colourful vibrant illustrations and the high-end quality of the book. It was well worth the great effort and investment put into it.

Music Audio Stories Billy Joins the Circus picture book table display at Kentish Town Library image
Music Audio Stories Billy Joins the Circus picture book at Kentish Town Library image
Storytime with Anna Christina and Book Signing with Anna Christina from Music Audio Stories at Kentish Town Library image

This book stems from my Storytime, it's all connected, and so doing these first few workshops, for the first time with the book, is truly magical! I love the way my Storytime mirrors the book and the fun activities inside. I begin with a reading of the picture book. I decided from the start that I wouldn't read the song in the story as I thought that might be a little strange, and so I sing it. The children love this! 😊 We then talk about the story and the characters and I teach them a few things about the circus. Once they have a clear picture in their minds, they create their own drawings of the story.

Music Audio Stories - A child's drawing of Billy the monkey from the picture book, Billy Joins the Circus image

They get to see what the characters look like during my book reading and so it's wonderful to see them drawing the characters as they appear in the picture book. I think this would make my illustrator, Jenika, very pleased to see.

I find it fascinating to see the attention to detail in some of the drawings. They remember her artwork remarkably well and do a great job recreating their own versions. Some children spend quite a while explaining to me who is inside of their Big Top. I love their imagination!

The end of my session is the same as before. I play the music audiobook and encourage everyone, parents included, to get involved in the singing and dancing along to the story. It feels exciting when the children hear the character's voices for the first time after they have seen and drawn them.

There were 51 parents and children in my session at Wimbledon Library and in contrast, Kentish Town Library was a smaller, younger group. I have to say, it was an absolute pleasure to be back at both of these libraries, which have known me for so many years, with my new picture book.

Thank you very much to everyone at the libraries for their continued help and support and to all of the lovely families who attended. Enjoy your picture books and I hope to see you all again soon.

???? Anna Christina

PS. If you missed my workshops, don't worry, I have more dates on my Library Book Signing Tour to come. Click on the button below to see confirmed dates so far.

Library Book Signing Tour 2022


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