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Billy on Holiday

Mid-Year mini-break with Billy Joins the Circus!

Children's author, Anna Christina, on holiday

I went on a mini-break and when I returned to London, I discovered that my Storytime at Chiswick Book Festival had sold out! I was also greeted with exciting news regarding forthcoming Storytime confirmations, one of them being at one of the largest events and venues in London!

Before I get to all of that wonderful news, I wanted to take a moment, now that we have crossed into the second half of the year, to reflect on what has been a whirlwind of a year so far. However, my thoughts have been somewhat interrupted by the recent events in the UK.

Perhaps this is a time for us all to slow down and take a break if we can to rest and recover from any turmoil we may be feeling. Sometimes some silence and downtime are required to regain our sense of stability in order to move forward positively in our lives.

Billy Joins the Circus on holiday

And so before I jump back into announcing Storytimes, book news and exciting forthcoming events, I too will be slowing down to rest and prepare for what is to come.

If you really can't wait for my official event announcements, go and check out my Events page to see where Billy Joins the Circus will be appearing next.

Brightest blessings to you all,

???? Anna Christina


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