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Billy's Circus at the Libraries

Wonderful Story Times at LBHF Libraries and Wimbledon Library!

Chiswick Library image

It was my first visit to these particular libraries last week and they were all absolutely brilliant!

My first Story Time was at Chiswick Library, which I have wanted to visit for ages! The children's library is in a large square room, just off the main library and it's a lovely space for children's activities.

It was a grey rainy Monday afternoon but inside the library, it was buzzing! Children began to arrive early and sat on the floor with various books. I had already set up, so I had time to sit down and talk to them and look at the books they were reading.

By the time my session began, there was a large group of children, in fact, it seemed to me, there was a large crowd of people watching me! Story Time was amazing and it almost felt like a performance! The children loved the activities I did with them and everyone, parents included, joined in with singing and dancing at the end of the story. It was magical! ✨

Wimbledon Library image

My second Story Time was at Wimbledon Library. Last year, at my Polka Theatre Workshops, a few parents suggested I visit this library, and so I was pleased to bring my circus storytelling here!

There's a real community feel in Wimbledon which is wonderful! As I was setting up, more and more families arrived and I ended up with several rows of children and families which made handing out templates and felt tip pens quite tricky! ? I decided to take my trainers off to make sure I didn't step on little fingers as I climbed over the rows to look at the children's drawings. No matter how large the group is, I am always determined to look at every child's drawing individually.

Again, it felt like a performance, and seeing everyone singing and dancing along to Billy's song is pure joy!

Hammersmith Library image

Hammersmith Library was next... There were about 100 people in the children's library!!! ? It was AMAZING! If Story Time continues with numbers like this, I will need an assistant!

Even with close to 50 children, I find I can keep everyone's attention and focus with my audiobook Billy Joins the Circus. It's such a happy energetic story which simply ignites everyone's imagination and draws you in. Many of the families at this library knew each other and I was surprised there was such a strong community feel at such a busy central London library! It was great!

When I do these events, my cartoon face can be found hanging on the walls and in the entrances of libraries all over London! I support libraries but they support me too! ?

My final visit was to Fulham Library and it was a lovely Story Time to end a great week! Children's libraries are colourful places to be. There are usually lots of drawings and artwork scattered around and hanging up on the walls which children have created at workshops and events. Fulham Library is no different...

I love these...

Storytime with Anna-Christina at Fulham Library image
Storytime with Anna-Christina at Fulham Library image
Storytime with Anna-Christina at Fulham Library image

Fulham Library - Tony the librarian made that amazing elephant!

I truly had a wonderful week at the libraries and enjoyed my Story Times immensely. I have taught well over a hundred children and it has been fantastic to meet so many families and make so many children happy. I am on a mission to bring smiles everywhere I go!

BIG thank you to the libraries and well done to the children who took part! You can find your drawings in the Kids Corner.

See you all soon again,

💚 Anna-Christina


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