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Can You Hear It?

Fun videos to help children learn about instruments in the orchestra.

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We are so excited to introduce you to our brand new music video series called, Can You Hear It? We know that not all children have access to classical music education and therefore, they are not familiar with instruments in the orchestra. With illustrations, voice-overs, and music, this video series will help to teach children about instruments in a fun and easy way.

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Children will:

  • Learn the sound of each instrument
  • Hear how instruments sound in an orchestra
  • Enjoy the fun original illustrations
  • See how to spell each instrument's name
  • Improve listening and concentration skills
  • Be encouraged to learn more about music
  • Listen to rare music extracts from our Music Audio Stories

Videos are released on Saturdays
at 11 am on YouTube

Is Classical Music Important for Children?

100% yes! Classical music, specifically — can help the brain absorb and interpret new information more easily. Listening to classical music has been found to enhance the areas of the brain associated with dopamine secretion, learning, and memory.

Exposing very young children to classical music has been documented to help develop language skills, reasoning, and spatial intelligence.

Classical music has been recognized for its therapeutic effects, reducing stress, and anxiety, and improving overall well-being. Its soothing qualities make it a valuable tool in music therapy and relaxation techniques. The calming effect of classical music takes away any jitters or nervousness and can help to decrease heart rate and anxiety.

If your child suffers from ADHD, classical music can work wonders on the ADHD brain, improving everything from language development to impulse control.

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Visit the Music Audio Stories YouTube Channel on Saturday 20th January to watch the first video!

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Enjoy! 🎶

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