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Can You Hear It? Series Two

Fun videos to help children develop their listening, visual and spelling skills.

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Introducing our brand new video series, Can You Hear It? Sound Effects! Similar to our last series, these videos encourage children to use their listening abilities in a fun and exciting new way. With Music Audio Story clips, sound effects, narration, music, words, fun illustrations, and animations, this series will keep children engaged throughout.

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Children will:

  • Hear sound effects from Music Audio Stories
  • Enjoy identifying the sounds in the stories
  • See how to spell each sound effect
  • Improve listening and concentration skills
  • Love the fun illustrations and animations
  • Listen to rare music extracts from Music Audio Stories

Videos are released on Saturdays
at 11 am on YouTube

Why is it important to develop listening skills in children?

Listening is the foundation for later learning and development, for example, talking, writing, and communicating. Good listening helps with all EYFS areas, particularly developing social skills, attention, following instructions, and wider communication.

Listening is different from simply hearing. It means interpreting different sounds.

Children don't often have the opportunity to test their listening abilities in context with audiobooks and that is why this video series is so unique. Plus, it's great fun! Make sure you have subscribed to the Music Audio Stories YouTube channel and hit the notification bell, so you don't miss any of our new fun videos for your child in this series.

Visit the Music Audio Stories YouTube Channel on Saturday 15th June to watch the first video.

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Previous Video Series Playlist below.


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