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Chris the Caterpillar

A magical story about a garden, flowers, a fairy and a caterpillar who dreams of becoming a colourful butterfly.

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Chris the Caterpillar was my second children's music audiobook and was written over an existing classical piece of music. The original score was called 'Rise of The Butterflies' and was written when I was recovering from a major operation, so the music means a great deal to me. I was the butterfly rising up and back to life, and so this was the perfect music for this story.

It was the first story I recorded with a voice-over artist! Kiria Ceinwen provided the perfect voice for my fairy and really brought the character to life. I discovered that Adie hardy, the producer I was working with, also had a real talent for voices and he ended up recording the lead character in the story. We laughed a lot as he created the voice for Chris! Book Details.

Children's Imagination

Butterfly the fairy's wand

Sometimes during my Storytime, I use props. For this story, I decided to use a fairy's wand. One of the extra things I added, at the end of my Storytime, was to go around the group of children (and teachers) sprinkling magic fairy dust from the wand over their heads! The children absolutely love this and there is always one or two who ask me if the wand is the REAL fairy's wand! To this, I always reply "yes of course"! This makes them happy! ☺

Whenever I leave after doing this story with the children, their enthusiasm has rubbed off on me and I feel childlike for the rest of the day, believing in magic and feeling uplifted! The power of imagination always brings a smile to my face. Children use their imagination so effectively!


It's nice to hear positive feedback on my narration! Steven Brandt from Audiobook-Heaven picked up on the fact that narrators have a bit more freedom to use melodramatic or silly voices in children’s and middle-grade audiobooks. He thinks Chris the Caterpillar would be just the thing for parents and children to do together on a rainy afternoon or at bedtime. Read his review on goodreads.

Alice Berger wrote in her review for Bergers Book Reviews that Chris the Caterpillar is a sweet story that kids will enjoy hearing over and over again." I have also found this. Children discover new things each time they listen.

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