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Chris the Caterpillar Series Conclusion

Thank you for joining me for my Chris the Caterpillar video series!

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Hi everyone!

The Chris the Caterpillar video series has now come to an end! I hope your little ones have all enjoyed taking part and watching my videos! I loved creating the set and scripts for this series and the feedback I have had from parents on Instagram in particular, has been wonderful!

I am now going to focus on publishing my picture book and creating my next video series. However, I have a few more videos for your little ones to enjoy that complete this series...

Meet Chris and his friends

In this video, I introduce children to Chris and the other characters from the story...

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Video Series Conclusion

I concluded the Chris the Caterpillar video series with a final video recapping what children have learned during the video series...

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Chris the Caterpillar video series playlist below.

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