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Christmas Special Offers

Enjoy up to 10% off on selected children's gifts from 1st to 31st December!

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This is one of the most magical times of the year and children love storytelling at home on cold winter evenings. This is where we have got you covered. Encourage your little ones to read, write, listen, sing, dance, and get creative with our unique picture book, Storytime Packages and music audiobooks! Here is what we have on offer for you...

10% Off Gift-Wrapped Billy Joins the Circus Picture Book

Hardback Book | Music Audiobook | Activity Booklet | Personalised gift card | Gift-wrapped

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Our vibrantly colourful children's picture book, with fun goodies inside, is the perfect Christmas gift for every child.

Billy Joins the Circus is an inspiring, uplifting story about a monkey who wants to join the circus. Through Billy, little ones are inspired to believe in themselves and follow their dreams! Children love reading the book and listening to the Music Audio Story at the same time and enjoy the activities in the Activity Booklet.

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10% Off Billy Joins the Circus Storytime Package

Music Audiobook CD | A4 Activity Booklet

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Billy's enthusiasm, joy and energy will have your children singing "Yes I can!" as they sing along with the catchy sing-along song in the music audiobook. In this package they will enjoy:

  • Billy Joins the Circus, the music audiobook CD
  • A beautifully illustrated booklet with a guide page
  • An interactive question tree page
  • A fun colouring in printable of Billy the monkey

Story length: 5:16 | Age: 3+

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10% Off Billy Joins the Circus Digital Storytime Package

Music Audiobook Download | Activity Booklet

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  • Provides endless hours of entertainment
  • Encourages creativity, singing and dancing
  • Helps with developing listening, concentration and writing skills
  • Fun on rainy afternoons
  • Enjoyment during the holiday and great for Christmas parties
  • or simply on the weekend while you go and have a cup of tea

Story length: 5:16 | Age: 3+

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10% Off Christmas Magic

Music Audiobook Download

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We also have the perfect fun Christmas music audiobook, featuring the whole cast of Music Audio Stories, with a brilliant sing-along Christmas song! Christmas Magic is a wonderfully creative way of teaching your child how vital giving and sharing are at Christmas. They will learn about farm animals and the noises they make. The importance of friendship, cooperation, tolerance, and team effort feature highly in this audiobook. It will inspire movement, and problem-solving, build social skills, and promote concentration.

Story length: 11:09 | Age: 4+

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Christmas Storytime

Create your own Storytime at home with this fun music audiobook by encouraging your little ones to draw the characters and scenes from the story. This is the perfect children's audio entertainment to spark the imagination! Christmas audiobooks are rare, but trust us, your children will love this one!

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Watch a Christmas Mesaage

Enjoy our Christmas Special Offers and Merry Christmas, everyone!

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