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Composer's Corner

How I began composing the scores for Music Audio Stories.

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I began composing at school. I started writing piano pieces first which evolved into orchestral pieces and then I branched out into songwriting as a teenager. For Music Audio Stories, I compose music using the full orchestra, piano, guitars, bass, banjos, drums, percussion, and all sorts of other instruments. I explore different music styles, genres, and techniques so my stories sound fresh and vibrant. It helps that I play a few instruments too!

A music audio story isn't just told through the words but through the music as well. The music creates the atmosphere and sets the scene. It moves with the rise and fall of the words and helps the listener to connect to the story. A reviewer once described Music Audio Stories as "films without the pictures", and that is exactly how they feel when you listen to them. They are incredibly visual and a lot of that has to do with the music composition.

The process of creating music for my stories varies but they do often begin with a strong melody on the piano. Sections of music are built around a theme to match each scene of the story. I am an organic composer which means I improvise, letting ideas flow naturally. I don't use formulas or mathematical equations. I work with my instincts and emotions and never over analyse anything I create.

Unlike other audiobooks, the music in my stories continues throughout and is an essential part of the stories. If you listen carefully to my stories, you will notice that the music is phrased with the narration and character voices, making it almost seem like songwriting rather than your standard audiobook. This is because I compose the score as I am writing the story.

I'm so proud of what I have been able to create with Music Audio Stories and I can't wait to see what audiobooks I can come up with as there as many topics I would like to write about!

I will be writing a bit more about music in my next blog post, so look out for it!

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