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Digital EP Collection

Storytime with Anna Christina Volume One - Digital EP Collection Out Now!

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New Music Audio Stories Collection Available to Download

I'm so excited that my music audiobook series, Storytime with Anna Christina Volume One, is now available on Bandcamp as well as on Etsy! My newly mastered recordings feature introductions by me, have been tailored for children aged 2+ and cover a number of topics and values. From teaching children not to litter in a fun and simple way, to the enjoyment of hearing the sounds of unusual instruments, there's something in this set of audios for every child.

Fuel your child's imagination with this delightful innovative collection of Music Audio Stories created to entertain and teach your little ones in a fun and simple way. The stories included in this EP are:

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Billy Joins the Circus

A joyful story that will encourage your child to follow their dreams! Includes a sing-along song with dance moves.

Audiobook length: 5:16

Chris the Caterpillar

An excellent story for teaching your child about caterpillars, butterflies, the colours of flowers and magic.

Audiobook length: 3:02

Litter Bugs

A story that teaches the importance of keeping our environment tidy and clean in a fun and enthusiastic way. Includes a fun sing-along song.

Audiobook length: 4:50

Weird and Wonderful

A sweet calming tale about less popular bugs and the importance of us not stepping on them. Includes a sweet sing-along song. Perfect for bedtime.

Audiobook length: 3:48

Audiobook EP length: 16:16 | Age: 2+

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The Benefits

  • Helps develop listening skills
  • Encourages creativity
  • Stimulates the imagination
  • Great for word-recognition
  • Helps develop concentration
  • Teaches children about bugs
  • Instils positive values about caring for insects
  • Children learn new words and understand unfamiliar accents and dialects
  • Enjoyment during the holidays and great for parties or simply on the weekend while you go and have a cup of tea

▫️ All stories feature fun character voices accompanied by original music and sound effects throughout the narrative. All audiobooks are narrated by me!

▫️ Your little ones will love this collection of unique Music Audio Stories and want to listen to the stories over and over again, as I have experienced in my Storytime at my workshops.

▫️ Each music audiobook in this series has its own interactive activities that you can also get on Etsy.

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All of these high-quality audio stories have been awarded 5-star ratings by audiobook reviewers and are available as single downloads from retailers such as iTunes and Amazon. However, in this collection, all of the stories feature my Storytime introduction and the Music Audio Stories sting at the beginning. March of the Ants is available as a free gift when you subscribe. If you are new to Music Audio Stories, go grab that free download and the free interactive printables that go with the story here Download Freebies.

Listen to the stories >>> Music Audiobooks

Made with love from me to your little ones. Enjoy listening!

???? Anna Christina


Music Audio Stories has come to the market with a powerful way to entertain our little ones. I highly recommend these audio books for your children, I will guarantee you that they will love them. Remy Cruz - Busy Mom Monologues™


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