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First Book Signing in 2023

Billy Joins the Circus continues its adventures and returns to Olympia London!

London Comic Con Spring at Olympia London image

Book Signing at London Comic Con Spring last weekend

During 2022, I had the privilege of doing Book Signings at some of the largest events and venues in London and last weekend, my luck continued when I returned, with my illustrator, Jenika Ioffreda, to Olympia London for my first Book Signing of this year.

Jenika Ioffreda at London Comic Con Spring 2023 at Olympia London
Illustrator Jenika Ioffreda and author Anna Christina at London Comic Con Spring 2023 at Olympia London
Anna Christina at London Comic Con Spring 2023 at Olympia London

Billy Joins the Circus at London Comic Con Spring at Olympia London image

Billy Joins the Circus arrives at London Comic Con Spring

As usual, set-up for this event happens the day before, which was Friday. It was so cold especially as the venue was open to the car park for load-in (see video clip below).

I always use this opportunity, when the venue is without visitors, to take photos. Here's one I took of my picture book leading up to the Artists Alley.

As I've mentioned before, one of the things I love about these comic con conventions is the community feel. It's unexpected at such large venues but everyone is so friendly and the same people, fans as well as artists and stallholders, seem to pop up at most of the events, which is lovely.

London Comic Con is a fantastic event with stars from TV and Film and lots of stalls full of memorabilia. Jenika and I were kept busy most of the weekend but on Sunday, I did manage to take a look at some of the amazing artwork on display and the stalls.

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Anna Christina from Music Audio Stories signing copies of Billy Joins the Circus image

Signing Picture Books

I spent two days in the Artists Alley, with Jenika, and once again, we had so much fun selling beautiful products and chatting with other artists, authors, illustrators and stallholders.

I tend to spend a lot of time on my own in my office or studio, so when I'm not doing Storytime, I love to get out to events to meet and chat with people and of course, sign books for them.

Author Anna Christina at London Comic Con Spring 2023 at Olympia London image

Someone is eating my hat!

Speaking of the studio, I have some big news coming up for you, and yes, I have been recording and yes, it's a new Music Audio Story for a very special Storytime which I will tell you all about shortly.

For now, go and check out what events are coming up at the end of this month here Events and don't forget, you can get the Billy Joins the Circus Kindle ebook for free on Amazon this week to celebrate Read An E-book Week!

Thank you to Showmasters for an excellent weekend and to everyone who came to meet us and get signed books. See you at the next one...

???? Anna Christina


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