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Goodbye 2022!

A round-up of this year's news, events, Storytimes and magical moments.

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Wow! What a year this has been for Music Audio Stories! In my last blog post of 2021, I expressed how excited I was for the year ahead, what with the restarting of public events and our picture book launch, and I must say, this year has not disappointed me. In fact, many unexpected things have happened that have been both surprising and thrilling.

I had not predicted that I would have taken part in so many amazing Book Signing events with my wonderful illustrator, Jenika Ioffreda. What fun we had! I also had no idea that I would end up doing my Storytime at one of the largest events and venues in London when I was invited to perform at MCM London Comic Con at ExCel London. A highlight in my journey as a storyteller for sure.

I also greatly enjoyed my Easter Storytimes, (I will never forget how the fire alarm went off in the middle of my workshop at Shoe Lane Library), doing Storytime in my PJs at Wimbledon Library for Booktrust for Pyjamarama and my Library Book Signing Tour. I'm thrilled that my Storytime sold out on so many occasions this year and it was fantastic to be back at festivals and markets again too.


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This year saw the release of our 100th YouTube video! 🎉 Our target was to post one video every Saturday about Music Audio Stories, releases, products, behind-the-scenes snippets and Shorts. Two years later and we are still posting a new video every Saturday morning! It's quite an achievement and I am very proud that we made it to our 100th video.

We began this year with the release of several videos from our Book Signing Day.

Watch ➡️ The Making of a Picture Book

In March, I released a video series about product photography which you can read about here Lights, Camera, Click!

Watch ➡️ Product Photography

And I documented the Unboxing of my books in a series of fun Shorts in August.

Watch ➡️ The Making of a Picture Book

The delivery of my first 200 books was truly a momentous day and I'm so glad I took the time to record this moment. Check out this post Lots of boxes for more about this. Throughout the year we have released other fun videos for events and Storytimes, releases, behind-the-scenes Shorts and our first book trailer.

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Latest Video

My live radio interview on Funky Kids Radio is now available to listen to on YouTube below. This was recorded and aired on the Award-Winner's Circle Podcast after I won the People's Choice National Artist of the Year Award.

And just in case you missed it, check out our book trailer...

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Not only have I been extremely busy with events and Storytimes but I had a number of interviews and features including an interview with The Chiswick Magazine and a feature with

This year I have experienced so much but it really was all about my new picture book, Billy Joins the Circus. It has been a joy seeing how children have responded to the book, celebrating each and every release on all of the various platforms and then seeing it popping up in Bookshops around London! I can not even tell you how happy this all has made me feel. ❤️

Now I have to do it all again for Book Two! ???? But first, I need some time to rest! BIG THANK YOU to everyone for your continued love and support.

Happy New Year and best wishes to all!

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