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Tools for happy little learners at home!

Anna Christina from Music Audio Stories doing Storytime at London Libraries

I know that parents are always looking for new creative activities to do with their children. Research into human development has proven that parents truly are their children's first teachers! What parents do, or don't do, has a lasting impact on their child's reading skills and literacy.

You can motivate your child's imaginative skills, as they grow and experience the world, with Music Audio Stories! They provide an entertaining tool to stimulate listening abilities, imagination, and improve visualization skills.

Due to the success of my Storytime at Libraries, families at my workshops requested a package from me, and so I decided to create Storytime Packages!

Encourage your child to listen, sing, dance, and draw!

Storytime with Anna Christina Packages has been created for parents to use on rainy afternoons, during the holidays, or simply on the weekend when you want to encourage your child to be creative. They provide endless hours of fun and entertainment!

Apart from enjoying the stories together with your child, you will find many benefits from listening to my music audiobooks! They enhance mental well-being, build confidence, and develop imagination. They teach your child the importance of friendship, cooperation, tolerance, and team effort with everyone no matter how different they are. They inspire movement, problem-solving, build social skills, and promote concentration.

Music Audio Stories freebies
Create your own Storytime at home!

Listening to audiobooks is an enjoyable and accessible non-screen-time entertainment tool you can use as a healthy activity for your children and your entire family to enjoy together. Equally, you can purchase one of my Storytime Packages here and let your kids enjoy the interactive activities and audiobook while you go and have a cup of tea!

Simply download a story of your choice from my shop and use the booklet as a guide to help you crete your own Storytime at home!

Find out how to get the most out of my packages here Storytime Packages.

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