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Jimi & his friend Joe

This story teaches children the importance of friendship, cooperation, tolerance, and team effort with everyone.

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By the time I wrote this audiobook, my fourth Music Audio Story, I had come into my stride! I began to crisscross music genres throughout this story. I was joined by Thomas Meadows - who can be found touring the world drumming for some of today's biggest artists such as Kylie Minogue, who recorded the Big Band Drums in Jimi's theme tune.

The sound effects in this audiobook were a real challenge! Not only were there the usual background sounds such as farm animal noises etc but there was also a fire scene that required many detailed sounds. I had to build an epic soundscape and use my imagination to create the scene. Find out more about this story here Book Details.

Children's Attention

I will never forget the first time I did this audiobook in Storytime at nursery. As this story is longer than the others, I wanted to test how long it would keep the children's attention. To my surprise, they sat and listened for the whole length of the story and remembered many of the scenes. They enjoyed the sounds of the farm animals and clapped along with Jimi's song. But something happened that I was not prepared for...

As soon as the fire scene kicked in, the children all started screaming!!! I wasn't prepared for this at all and I didn't know what to do! The nursery manager came in to see what was going on! I was thinking, Oh no, she's going to tell me off, but instead she started to laugh and I was relieved! Children love this music audiobook and their reactions to it are priceless. 😂

An Important Message

Not only are my audio stories fun but they all instil positive messages. This story teaches children the importance of friendship, cooperation, tolerance, and team effort with everyone no matter how different they are.


Warning... this audiobook is lively and loud and not one for bedtime! 😜 Mother, Gamer, Writer liked the way all of my children's stories are based on animals and are short enough to hold the attention span of younger children. I also like the way Bound4Escape commented on the dialogue being simple enough for children to understand yet very descriptive, so it would be easy for a child to use his or her imagination to picture the story.

I was very proud when I saw that Shelf Full of Books awarded this audiobook a 5 Star Rating. Kathryn Svendsen especially enjoyed the theme of this story as it deals with friendship and cooperation even through differences which are important things for young children to learn. Steven Brandt at Audiobook-Heaven also enjoyed this theme which you can read in his review on goodreads. More reviews here Bergers Book Reviews and here Priscilla and her Books.

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