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Johnny No Cash

A lively adventure story following a hamster on a quest to visit his friend. The story also features a sea shanty.

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Johnny No Cash was my third Music Audio Story. I wrote the script before I composed the music. I wasn't sure if I would be able to make the timing work as well as I had in the previous two music audiobooks where I had written the stories over the music. However, I have to say, the score came together naturally and in perfect phrasing with the words, there was no need to worry at all!

Creating the soundtrack after the story gives more freedom to explore musically. I recorded actors in this story, including the Olivier-nominated actor, Paul Kaye - the original Mr Wormwood in the award-winning West End hit musical Matilda, and his son Geffen. Geffen is the youngest person I have recorded so far. He did a brilliant job bringing my little robin character alive at the start of the music audiobook. Find out more details about the story here Book Details.

Story Observations and Listening

I add detailed observations in all of my stories. Not everything you hear is prominent in the mix, so there are a few subtle sound effects in the background to listen out for! Part of my Storytime involves testing the children's listening abilities. I have been surprised, on more than one occasion, when they were able to tell me they heard a bird flying in the distance or some other faint background sound.


I love the fact that Steven Brandt, from Audiobook Heaven, pointed out that there are lots of audiobooks out there for adults, young adults, middle graders, and children, but not nearly enough for the very young, those who are not old enough to read to themselves yet. In his review on goodreads, he points out that my audiobooks are perfect for this age group. He also loves the fact that Johnny No Cash is about never giving up, no matter how hopeless a journey may seem, and the importance of being there for your friends. I do think these are good lessons for all of us, young and old alike.

Books with Tien wrote a review expressing how much her daughter loved listening to this story and how much she enjoyed dancing along to the music. She couldn't find anything negative to write in her review which is awesome! As I have mentioned, the music in my audiobooks is a big part of my stories. I have found, that even the very young children I have had Storytime with at Children Centres, have responded to the stories, even when they haven't understood the words! This is because of the soundtrack. They feel the pulse and the rhythm and they love to move to the beat of the music.

This story is highly recommended by Mother, Gamer, Writer. They reviewed several stories together including this one. They awarded Music Audio Stories 5 out of 5 controllers! They wrote "They’re all super cute, have great messages to send to kids, and the music that they’re set to is absolutely amazing. I would definitely have your younger children listen to these stories."

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