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Preschool Music Lessons

Fun Preschool Music Lesson Videos with Illustrations for Inspired Little Listeners!

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At the start of this year, I found myself asking, how can I do more to serve your children? I have many Storytimes scheduled throughout the year. Some at large venues and some at smaller community events - See Events, but what if you are not able to attend? I noticed a jump in views on my last YouTube video series and realised, this is where I can do more.

Since releasing videos on YouTube, I have enjoyed creating content that reflects my Storytime. YouTube has also given me a platform to expand on elements that I can teach, such as spelling, numbers, and sounds, with visuals. Together with my illustrator, Jenika, we have created a whole new fun set of videos to help children learn about instruments in the orchestra. Our new series is called, Can You Hear It?

Music Audio Stories Harp image

Children will:

  • Learn the sound of each instrument
  • Hear how instruments sound in an orchestra
  • Enjoy the fun original illustrations
  • See how to spell each instrument's name
  • Improve listening and concentration skills
  • Be encouraged to learn more about music
  • Listen to rare music extracts from our Music Audio Stories

Videos are released on Saturdays
at 11 am on YouTube

Make sure you have subscribed to the Music Audio Stories YouTube channel and hit the notification bell, so you don't miss any of our fun new videos in this series.

I'm passionate about classical music, it's the soundtrack to my Music Audio Stories, and that is why I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to introduce children to the wonderful sounds in this particular genre of music. Read about why classical music is important for children here.

Enjoy the first video in the series above and the videos to follow...

???? Anna Christina

Video Series Playlist below.


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