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Litter Bugs

A sweet story which teaches children problem solving, how to get along with others, and, of course not to litter!

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I have no idea how I wrote this audiobook, it simply popped out of my head one day! However, I do remember that I wrote the entire score and song in a day. The Bug Club's song is so catchy, I found myself singing it everywhere I went. I had some pretty strange looks in the supermarket! ????

When I write stories, I never analyze how I write them. I just let it happen naturally. I love the simple message in this story because I have actually always disliked 'Litter Bugs'! I think it's extremely important to educate children about the environment as soon as possible given the current climate. Find out more about this story here Book Details.

Teaching Children

A child's drawing of my audiobook, Litter Bugs from Storyime with Anna Christina image

This audiobook is so popular at Storytime and is one of few stories where I use props. I brought a soft bin and made "rubbish" with crunched up colourful paper so we could actually throw rubbish in the bin as we sing the song about not littering. Children absolutely love this and sometimes they do the activity so quickly, I have to throw the rubbish out of the bin again because the song is still playing and all the rubbish is already in the bin! ????

Some of the drawings for this story have been fantastic. One little boy drew a picture of a road. I said to him "that's great but where's all the rubbish?" To this, he replied, "it's in the bin." I said, "oh ok, but where are all the bugs?" He raised his eyebrows high and proudly said, "they went home!" The teachers and I laughed, he is a genius!


This audiobook has had outstanding reviews. Shelf Full of Books awarded it with a 5 Star Rating and loved the message in the story. Let’s work together and let’s keep our environment clean 🚯 ♻ I found it amusing in Kathryn Svendsen's review how she pointed out that "You might have to explain a couple of words to your children as the authors are British and use the British versions of the following words: garbage -- trash, rubbish and garbage can – bin." I must admit, I hadn't even thought of this when I wrote this story! 😆

“I’m telling you, this song is insanely contagious! I guarantee you’ll be singing (and humming) along to this song!” Priscilla and her Books. And it's true by the way! 😉

I particularly loved the way Rachel Bitmead involved her two daughters in her review for her blog Life of my family and me. They both made me great drawings of the story. She loved the way the audiobook is interactive and encourages children to use their imagination and join in.

Book Room Reviews likes the different voices and how they fit the characters. Reviewer Dick Leonardo said he likes Simon the slug because he sounds like a “Surfer Dude”.

Dawn Heslin from Bound4Escape wrote, “Litter Bugs is not only a fun story to listen to but it teaches children problem-solving, how to get along with others, and, of course, not to litter!.” She ends her lovely review by writing how cute, fun, and age-appropriate my stories are.

These reviews really make my heart sing! I am going to create more stories about the earth and the environment...

???? Anna Christina


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