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Lots of boxes!

What 200 picture books in boxes look like!

Anna Christina at Music Audio Stories Studios with 200 books in boxes image

Life as an author is exciting and one of the most exciting events is the delivery of your first 200 books! The Music Audio Stories Studio is full of boxes! Boxes of picture books, envelopes, CDS, booklets, gift cards and rolls of customised wrapping paper! Seeing as there is currently no recording going on at the studio, it really is beginning to resemble a warehouse! ????

With so much going on in terms of releases and events, I thought I'd take the time to keep you updated on some of my behind-the-scenes activities and I managed to find some time to film a couple of fun YouTube Shorts for you!

Never before has the delivery of dozens of brown boxes been so exciting to me! That moment of opening my first box to see what my hardback picture books look like was absolutely priceless and a moment that every author dreams of. Well, it happened and it was wonderful!

Thank you, everyone, for your support on YouTube. Subscribe to our channel to follow my book journey. I can't wait for you to see my new Shorts over the next few weeks...

???? Anna Christina

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