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Made 'Magic' in Chelsea

Storytime with Anna-Christina in Kensington and Chelsea!

After the success of my Summer Holiday Library Events back in August, I realised how well it worked to visit three libraries, back to back, in the same area for Story Time! It's great for promoting the libraries in that area, plus it also means, if families miss one session, they have the opportunity to catch me on another day!

Anna-Christina at Chelsea Library for Storytime with Anna-Christina

I decided to head into the Kensington and Chelsea area for my October Half Term Holiday Story Times. I brought my circus Story Time to Chelsea and introduced everyone to my audiobook Billy Joins the Circus. It was extremely popular!

My first Story Time was at North Kensington Library on Monday 22nd October. The library was absolutely buzzing with so many families and children and I couldn't wait to get started! To be honest, I lost count of how many children were there but I did notice it was a very young 'rhyme time' style group!

The parents loved Billy's song and on the lyric "I can jump up and down" they all lifted their little ones high up in the air and they were all laughing and smiling and singing along! It was adorable!

My second Story Time was at Chelsea Library on Tuesday 23rd October. They had kindly hung my poster up on the noticeboard by the entrance which was brilliant! The library is inside a beautiful Grade II listed building which also doubles as The Old Town Hall.

I thoroughly enjoyed the session with a lovely group of mixed aged children. I find it quite fascinating to see how different aged children interpret the stories through their drawings.

Storytime with Anna-Christina at Chelsea Library image
Storytime with Anna-Christina at Chelsea Library image
Storytime with Anna-Christina at Chelsea Library image

Storytime with Anna-Christina at Chelsea Library

At this point in the week, Thursday 25th October, I had my first two Polka Workshops! More about this in my next Blog Post...

My last visit on Friday 26th October was to Brompton Library and once again, I was greeted at the library by lots of happy faces! The children greatly enjoyed my style of circus storytelling and doing the related activities. It really was a great week of fun and laughter with the children at RBKC Libraries and I can't wait to return to Chelsea next year! ☺

Visit the Kids Corner to see some of the brilliant children's drawings I collected.

💚 Anna-Christina


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