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Magic in the Music

Music Audio Stories challenge my skills, not just as a composer but as a sound engineer, editor, and sound designer.

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One of the things that make Music Audio Stories special, is the strong themed original classical music behind the narration. Unlike other audiobooks, the music continues throughout and is an essential part of the stories.

If you listen carefully, you will notice that the music is phrased with the narration and character voices, making it almost seem like songwriting rather than your standard audiobook. As I explained in my last blog post Composer's Corner, this is because I compose the score as I am writing the story.

Most of the music is orchestral based but sometimes, other instruments are included, such as guitars, banjo, and drums. Music Audio Stories introduce a variety of music genres, styles, and instruments to children. I'm an adaptive musician and the process of making music for my stories has allowed me to be expansive. I love to explore the crossing and merging of genres and styles of music. I'm good at orchestrating but I like to experiment with other types of sounds too.

One of the particular skills I have is the ability to tell a story within the music I compose. Being a songwriter gives me an insight into how to lift a lyric, or in this case, a story to another level in atmosphere and emotion. Speaking of songwriting, this skill I have is extremely useful for Music Audio Stories!

The first song I wrote in an audiobook was the pirate's song in Johnny No Cash. I do feel however, my songwriting skills were already evident in my first story March of The Ants as it is told in a sort of rhyming styling throughout! As I wrote more audiobooks, I started to write more songs in the stories. Songs are a great way to teach children as they love to sing along.

I hope to produce my own song CD one day! Watch this space...

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