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March of the Ants

Told in rhyme, the pace is quick as befitting a march. This audiobook will draw children in with young Sid’s heroism.

Anna Christina recording the narration in audiobook March of the Ants by Music Audio Stories

March of the Ants was my first Music Audio Story! The audiobook was originally written for a college assignment. It was only when my tutor told me how impressed he was with it and encouraged me to pursue the idea further, that I began to take it a little more serious!

I recorded the narration. The realization that I had become a narrator would later surprise and delight me because, at the time, I hadn't given it much thought!

I sent the audiobook out for people to listen to and the response to the story and score was brilliant! My adventure as an audiobook maker had begun. Find out more about the story here Book Details.

March of The Ants audiobook cover image

Children's Reactions

During my Storytime March of the Ants has stirred excitement with the children. At every nursery and school, I have visited, they have loved marching (like the ants) all around their classrooms, chairs, and desks and the very young children around their toys. Even the teachers join in! It's so much fun! Usually, when I leave, they are still marching around! ????

At the Libraries, we march around the tables and bookshelves!

On Radio

March of the Ants has been aired on children's radio shows in the UK and many countries abroad. It has made several playlists including Tots Radio (reaching over 86,000 listeners), Australia's first children's radio station Funky Kids Radio, and America's Jelly Bean Radio. This was really exciting for me and I tuned in to listen whenever I could.


Melissa Ruiz from Every Free Chance Books described March of The Ants as "adorable". She writes in her review, "my 2-year-old was so interested he actually stayed silent for the entire 4 minute story and immediately asked to listen to it again (we did). We listened to it several times in the car and everyone enjoyed it. Any story that’s entertaining to adults and children (even after the 13th listen) gets 4 stars in my book."

Steven Brandt from Audiobook-Heaven said this audiobook is not quite like any other audio production he has listened to. Read his review on goodreads. You can find another great review on Bergers Book Reviews and on goodreads by Sher A. Hart who highly recommends this audiobook as a fun way for parents and children to interact.

And finally my favourite review by Kathryn Svendsen at Shelf Full of Books. I love the way her 18-year-old daughter also listened to the story and said: “It’s like a movie without the pictures!” She went on to say "as a parent, it is a story that I would be able to listen to several times without it driving me crazy. I highly recommend it to anyone with children." Kathryn awarded this audiobook a 5 Star Rating.

You can downlaod this audiobook along with my free interactive activities from the Get Involved page.

Enjoy my freebies!

???? Anna Christina

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