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Mitcham Moments

Summer Storytimes continue at beautiful Canons House in Mitcham.

Picture Book reading of Billy Joins the Circus at Canons House in Mitcham image
Canons House and Grounds image

Storytime with Anna Christina at Canons House & Grounds in Mitcham

Library in the Park continues and my Storytime at Canons House on Friday was absolutely fantastic! All of my Storytimes sold out very quickly but we did manage to squeeze in a few more families who had turned up to join in on the day.

The parents and children loved my Music Audio Stories and we had a ball singing and dancing along. I had new prints with me for my story, Chris the Caterpillar, and the children enjoyed seeing what the characters looked like after they had heard their voices in the music audiobook.

The weather was better than the last time I visited so I spent some time wandering around the grounds. I'm really hoping that my last Storytime at Canons House will be outdoors. More children could join in and it would be fun for me too as I've not had an outdoor Storytime in a long time. Fingers crossed the sun comes out to play on Friday 18th August!

August Sketch Shorts

As mentioned in the previous blog post, throughout August, Music Audio Stories are taking you back Behind-the-Scenes. The second sketch video Short was released on Saturday and just in case you missed it, here it is...

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Once again, a big thank you to Maria, Laura and all of the lovely families who attended my Storytime. I'm looking forward to one more magical Summer Storytime in Mitcham...

???? Anna Christina

Yes you can! Follow your dreams...

Billy Joins the Circus is an inspiring, uplifting story about a monkey who wants to join the circus. Through Billy, little ones are inspired to believe in themselves and follow their dreams! The beautifully vibrant high-quality picture book is bursting with colour and joy. Also available:

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  • The Music Audiobook CD
  • An MP3 download
  • An Illustrated Activity Booklet
  • A Laminated Gift Card

Paperback and ebook available on Amazon.

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