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Narrating Stories

What is it like narrating Music Audio Stories?

Anna Christina narrating Music Audio Stories with mic, script, keyboard and computer image

Narrating Music Audio Stories is a lot of fun! If you listen carefully to my stories, you will notice that the music is phrased with the narration and character voices, making it almost seem like songwriting rather than your standard audiobook.

This quality of writing words and sentences rhythmically was evident from my first audiobook March of The Ants and has continued in every audio story I have written since. As with everything I do, I don't overthink! This just happens naturally.

Once the story and score are written, I record the scratch track. This is the guide track that the actors will later follow when they do their voice-overs. From the guide track, the narrator's lines are cut out and I re-record the lines in my "narrators" voice! I record the narration, in the same way, I record singing, with one side of the headphones off my ears so I can hear my natural voice as I go.

Anna Christina narrating Music Audio Stories in the studio image

Narration in an audiobook is important but especially in a children's audiobook because the storyteller's voice must be animated, expressive, dynamic, and full of energy. Pronunciation is also important.

I colour all of the character's lines on the script in different colours to make parts easier to read. I keep all the narration in black ink and even though I already know most of the lines, as I wrote them, I still need the script to guide me.

I don't think of it as "reading" though! When you already know most of the lines it becomes more fluid and more of a performance. At first, as most people will say when they first hear their voice recorded, it was a little strange to hear my voice! For years I have heard my singing voice but never my speaking voice, so it took some time to get used to.

The more audiobooks I made, the easier the narration became and now I absolutely love being the narrator of Music Audio Stories! 😊

Look out for my next blog post about composing music...

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Narrator's Reviews

"Anna's narration went perfectly with the music. Her sing-song voice and accent made a pleasing combination I think children will enjoy along with their parents."

Sher A. Hart - Goodreads

"The narrator has a really soothing voice, which I’m sure not just kids, but everyone will appreciate. It’s like liquid gold. It’s expressive and had me smiling. Expressive and entertaining."

Priscilla Tan - Priscilla and her Books

"I loved the narrator’s expression in her story telling."

Kathryn Svendsen - Shelf Full of Books

"She reads with great spirit and enthusiasm. Her voice rises and falls in time to the music and story and her British-tinged reading adds a touch of class to the affair."

Steven Brandt - Audiobook-Heaven

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