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News Round-up

A lot is going on in the land of Music Audio Stories, so here's a little news update!

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Video Series

Our Can You Hear It? Video Series is coming to an end, however, there are still three more fun videos to enjoy. A playlist has been created here so your little ones can enjoy all the videos in one place.

I have loved having the opportunity to teach children about instruments in the orchestra and this series has given me an idea for another set of listening and learning videos! Make sure you have subscribed to the Music Audio Stories YouTube channel and hit the notification bell, so you don't miss any of the new fun videos.

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Next Event

I'm so excited to announce my next Storytime will be at MCM London Comic Con on Saturday 25th May at 10:30 am! Children will hear three fantastic Music Audio Stories, enjoy singing and dancing along to the songs in the stories, and love colouring in my Superhero Bugs printable at the end. Find out more here Storytime at MCM.

Speaking of Superhero Bugs, I'm currently working on the final mix of the music audiobook for release. Jenika is creating the cover and we are planning on producing a new Digital Storytime Package for our Etsy shop. It's so exciting!

More news coming soon!

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Can You Hear It? Playlist below.


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