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Read A Book Day

Join us in celebrating National Read a Book Day this Wednesday 6th September!

Billy Joins the Circus picture book - Read A Book Day banner image
National Read a Book Day encourages us to switch off the screen and turn the pages...

We know that your little ones love watching our YouTube videos on their devices, but National Read a Book Day is the perfect day to switch off, and enjoy some non-screen-time entertainment!

Billy Joins the Circus - Billy character image

Get 10% off on Etsy

In celebration of this wonderful day, copies of the Billy Joins the Circus picture book have been made available for a discounted price on Etsy! For the next week, you can get a gift-wrapped signed copy packed with fun goodies inside which include the Music Audio Story and a fun activity booklet.

Your child will love reading this inspiring book, looking at the bright, colourful and bold illustrations, and have fun joining in with the dance moves in Billy's song!

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About the Picture Book

Encourage your child to read, write, listen, sing and dance by combining this fun colourful book with the unique music audiobook and interactive activity booklet.

Billy Joins the Circus is an inspiring, uplifting story about a monkey who wants to join the circus. Through Billy, little ones are inspired to believe in themselves and follow their dreams! Children love the catchy sing-along song in the music audiobook. Billy's enthusiasm, joy and energy have children everywhere singing "Yes I can!”

Music Audio Stories Big Top - Illustration by Jenika Ioffreda image

Together, you and your child will love to:

  • Read and learn about Billy the monkey
  • Write the answers on the interactive question tree page in the activity booklet
  • Colour in Billy’s picture and join our creative world (see how inside)
  • Listen to the music audiobook as you follow the words in the picture book
  • Sing and Dance along with Billy the monkey
Music Audio Stories clown characters
Music Audio Stories ringmaster character
Music Audio Stories Polly, the circus flying dolly character
Children feel uplifted and inspired by this joyful story and its enthusiastic message.
Magnificent bold characters and clear text make this book a fun and easy read.
Every page is bursting with brilliant bright colours and character-driven illustrations.

Included in the Book

Billy Joins the Circus on Etsy image

Billy Joins the Circus Music Audiobook CD
5:16 with original music, catchy sing-along song and sound effects throughout the narrative

MP3 Download Link Card
to play the story on any device

An illustrated Activity Booklet
a 4-page illustrated paper activity booklet with an interactive question tree page, circus game and a fun colouring in picture

Personalised Billy Gift Card
a handwritten laminated card that kids can hang up on their bedroom wall for a daily dose of inspiration, addressed to a little person of your choosing and signed by me

in cute colourful Music Audio Stories gift paper

Get Gift-Wrapped Book on Etsy

Enjoy Billy Joins the Circus and happy National Read a Book Day!

???? Anna Christina

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An engaging and optimistic story, Billy Joins The Circus is about believing in yourself, taking a step forward - big or small - and never (ever) stop dreaming.
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