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Silence at Storytime

The unexpected surprise I am experiencing at my Storytimes!

Storytime with Anna Christina and Book Signing with Anna Christina from Music Audio Stories at Morden Library image

Last week, my Library Book Signing Tour continued at the first of two Merton Libraries scheduled on my tour, Morden Library. Normally I would be reporting how much fun I had with the children at my Storytime, and believe me, there was lots of fun! But I would like to talk about another unexpected surprise I am experiencing at my workshops.

Excuse me but are you a singer?

Yes, I am! Although I do sing in quite a few of my Music Audio Stories, I never thought this would be a factor in my Storytime. In the past, I have only ever sung along with the music audiobook at my events and my voice was partially drowned out by the character's voices in the songs. But now, during my picture book reading at the start of my session, I actually sing Billy's theme tune three times on my own! Reading a song just doesn't seem right to me so I knew I would have to sing it. What I didn't know, was the impact this would have.

Storytime with Anna Christina at Morden Library image
Music Audio Stories Billy Joins the Circus picture book at Morden Library image
Storytime with Anna Christina and Book Signing with Anna Christina from Music Audio Stories at Morden Library image

Years of doing Storytime at schools, nurseries and libraries have made me an expert Storyteller and I can pretty much hold the attention of any 2 to 5-year-old, even the super energetic ones! However, I have noticed that as soon as I start to sing, the whole library goes into silence! My first thought is, 'wow, this is so cool', my second thought is, 'gosh, I hope I don't sing any bum notes'! 😆

These are the types of thoughts professional singers have, even after years of singing. I am pleased that despite never practising, my vocals are not bad at all! I even had a parent approach me at the end of my Storytime to ask, "Excuse me but are you a singer?" I laughed and nodded, somewhat tentatively, and she went on to tell me how much she enjoyed my singing and asked if I could play any instruments. Now there's a thought!

My Storytime at Morden Library sold out on Eventbrite and I was thrilled to see that so many families turned up to listen to my story and take part in my activities. Thank you to everyone at the library and to all of the wonderful families who attended. It was a pleasure to spend the morning with you.

If you missed my Storytime, don't worry, I have more dates on my Library Book Signing Tour to come. Click on the button below to see added libraries and dates.

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