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Space Adventure

To the moon and beyond - My first Storytime of 2023!

Storytime with Anna Christina poster at Colliers Wood Library - National Storytelling Week image

My first Storytime of 2023 was absolutely brilliant and I was thrilled to restart events, especially during National Storytelling Week!

Although my workshop was free to attend, booking was required and free tickets had gone on sale from the first week in January. Tickets began to sell fast and by the day of my event, last week Thursday, there were so many sign-ups, both through the library's booking system and Music Audio Stories, that we had to move my Storytime out of the children's library and into a double room upstairs in the library!

I have been doing my interactive musical storytelling workshops for children for many years and what makes me feel so incredibly happy is the fact that families return to my Storytimes! One parent told me that this was her third time at Storytime with Anna Christina! A true testament that if you work hard on something and enjoy it, others will appreciate your efforts too. ❤

Music Audio Stories Solar System poster at Colliers Wood Library - National Storytelling Week image

Because my group was so large and we ended up in the double room instead of the library, it meant I couldn't use the planets hanging around the Space-themed library. But lucky for me, I found this poster, which I used at Gower House School, to use as a visual reference, so I could teach the children about our Solar System ????

One of the tricky things about library workshops is that the age range of the children can vary enormously and my group consisted of babies, to very young children and toddlers. I think they all enjoyed my Music Audio Story, Robert and Johnsons Space Adventure but I felt I needed to add another story where the parents with the very little ones could get more involved. So I did a read-aloud of my picture book, Billy Joins the Circus, and we all joined in, singing and dancing, with the Music Audio Story at the end. It was great fun!

Back in Action

After the extended holiday I had in January, I can't wait to get moving forward this year and boy, do I have some BIG plans! During my holiday, I had all sorts of creative ideas for new stories that I want to write, and I have already begun to compose new songs and scores on the piano...

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Thank you to all of the wonderful families who attended my Storytime at the library last week and to Maria, Laura and everyone at Colliers Wood Library for such a lovely morning. I hope to see you all again soon.

There are many great things in the pipeline for the year ahead!

Watch this space...

???? Anna Christina

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