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Spring Survey Results

The delights of Spring! Five Quick Questions... The results!

Thank you to all who took part in our Spring Survey! 📈 The results have been very helpful for us! In case you missed some of the responses we posted on our Facebook page here is what you said...

Do you buy audiobooks for your children?

We're very pleased to hear that most of you do buy audiobooks for your children. In fact, it would appear that children's audio stories are very popular right now which is great news for us! According to the Children’s Writers’ & Artists’ Yearbook, recent estimates indicate that the UK children’s audiobook market stands at £45 million per annum.

Do you prefer CD, download or both?

Most of you voted for both with the second highest percent coming in for CDs. While downloads may be easier to access from your digital devices, CDs are still more popular! We think this is because it is still nice to have a physical copy of an audiobook with the artwork on. Plus CDs make nice gifts!

Do you use a CD player/MP3 player in your car to keep your children entertained?

Yes! This is good to know. When we have taken part in community events, we have spoken at length to parents about this. Some of you told us you used CDs and some of you said mp3s were more your choice but the main thing was that you used audio in this way.

When is it most likely that you would play audio stories to your children?

The options were: In the car, during a break or at bedtime. At Bedtime came in at a very popular 71.4%! It's a good job we're about to produce a Bedtime story then! 'In the car' came in second.

Which method of purchasing items do you prefer?

The most popular answer to this question was 'Directly from our Website', followed closely by Amazon.

Please add any other comments

  • Excellent stories guys.
  • Keep going!
  • Great work guys, I love your stories x*

Thanks again everyone! 😉

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