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Storytime at amazing places!

My Storytime has taken me to magical locations...

Music Audio Stories library photos image

I hope you all enjoyed my last video about libraries! I complied a cool photograph for the video of some of the beautiful libraries I have visited with my Storytime over the last few years! ????

Anna Christina from Music Audio Stories on set  image

I have always loved children's libraries. To me, they are places of wonderment and joy and discovery! It has been an honor for me to have had the opportunity to visit so many libraries.

As well as libraries, I have been incredibly lucky to have visited other magical locations with my Storytime!

From The Barbican Centre to the beautiful chapel in Brompton, the Hidden River Festival, and many wonderful markets. I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to visit these fantastic places! My video below is all about this...

There is only one more video left in this series and that video is all about my award! Make sure you have subscribed to the Music Audio Stories YouTube Channel so you don't miss the new video this Saturday!

Sooooooo excited!

???? Anna Christina


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