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Storytime Feedback

When I first started doing Storytime at my local nurseries, I knew straight away how important it was to collect feedback from the teachers.

Anna Christina doing Storytime at Kentish Town Library

Storytime with Anna Christina is the best way for me to test the children's reactions to my stories. I can find out first-hand what works and what doesn't.

I also like to speak to teachers who know exactly what children require in terms of learning and development. As I progressed, I began to see that my Storytime was so much more than merely "testing"!

The Early Learning Years are the most important in a child's progress. They play, learn, experiment, and are also beginning to get a sense of their own identity. I am mindful of how children respond to me as it's just as important as the activities we do together.

I developed techniques on how to approach shy children and encourage them to get involved. I observed that not all children like you leaning over them so I always sit on the floor with them and stoop down so I am on their level when looking at their drawings or handing out felt tip pens. I brought wristbands to use as props for my circus story because some children don't like things on their heads or faces like red noses for instance!

I put thought into every aspect of my Storytime and this is why they have become so popular! They are personal. It also helps that I am, at heart, a big kid myself and so I can establish a good rapport with children.

And so as my Storytime grew and expanded into schools, libraries, and community events, I managed to collect a vast amount of amazing feedback which phrased not only my Storytime but my ability to connect with the children. I once managed to keep a group of 40 2-4-year-olds quiet and listening to my audiobook! I kept them engaged the whole time by being animated and doing moves and gestures to keep them focused. My story, full of sound effects, funny voices and energetic music, does the rest.

I am on quite an adventure!

💚 Anna Christina


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