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Storytime History

Last weekend was fantastic! In fact, I made my own little bit of history...

Anna Christina makes Music Audio Stories History

My Storytimes this year have continued to grow to new heights with new Music Audio Stories specially written and composed for events. I have had sold-out workshops at Canons House, during National Storytelling Week and great workshops at MCM Comic Con. My Storytime is in demand.

Last Saturday, I had the pleasure of performing my new fun Halloween Music Audio Story for the first time ever at MCM London Comic Con. On the same day, at the same time, my Billy Joins the Circus Storytime video was released on YouTube. I was performing my Storytime live at ExCel London while my Storytime was seen online!

Meanwhile, my illustrator, Jenika Ioffreda, has been creating a buzz of her own. A well-known name in the Comic Con scene, this talented artist has been making appearances all over Europe.

While my Halloween Music Audio Story was playing loudly through ExCel London and my Billy Joins the Circus video was being watched on YouTube, Jenika had been invited as a special guest to attend Malta Comic Con and was over there, signing copies of the book! What a weekend!

Storytime with Anna Christina at MCM London Comic Con for Halloween Storytime

My Halloween Storytimes were so much fun and it was brilliant seeing how the children reacted to my new story. They really enjoyed my sing-along Halloween song and the Halloween Dance!

It's such a pleasure when I see that my stories bring excitement and happiness. I spent a lot of time on the story, making sure every move, sound effect, and beat was bang on the mark. Gauging by the reactions and feedback, the story was a hit!

Superhero Bugs was also a hit and the children loved Weird and Wonderful too. They did an excellent job concentrating with so many distractions around. I have posted some of their drawings on our social media platforms if you'd like to see their artwork.

BIG thank you to all the families who attended my Storytimes at MCM Comic Con and to Charlotte and everyone at The Treehouse for their help.

Subscribe on YouTube

If you missed my Storytime video on Saturday, watch it above! Subscribe to our YouTube channel and let me entertain your children with wonderful classical music, sounds, visuals, and fun interactive activities for the next few weeks. This is going to be so much fun! Go grab your dancing shoes...

Last but not least, I have an exciting Book Signing at London Comic Con Winter at Olympia London coming up next weekend. Details can be found here Next event - London Comic Con Winter.

See you there!

???? Anna Christina


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