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Storytime with Anna Christina Returns

With a hop, skip and a jump, I am back at the libraries!

Storytime with Anna Christina at Merton Libraries image

Although I have enjoyed bringing my Storytime online on YouTube, I have to say, I have missed my visits to the libraries. Last week, I had my first workshops in about two years! I felt so happy to be back doing my Storytime for the children at Merton Libraries and loved seeing how they reacted to my music audiobook, Billy Joins the Circus and my fun activities.

Morden Children's Library

Morden Children's Library is amazing! It's a mystical storyland forest that includes a real grass carpet to add to its sensational themed artwork on all of the main walls.

The sensory library has been developed to stimulate and excite children’s senses to fully immerse them into a magical wonderland.

There's forest furniture and soft seating, a forest scent machine and forest sounds, sensory activity equipment, mini activity centres, giant sand timers and bubble mirrors. It really is a great space for kids and such a wonderful setting for storytelling!

Storytelling is at the centre of my Storytime but my workshop also involves learning, drawing, drama, singing and dancing. Music Audio Stories provide the perfect centrepiece for my musical sessions.

Colliers Wood Children's Library

The last time I was at Colliers Wood Library was for my Polka Theatre children's workshops and since then, the library has undergone a huge transformation! Look at my previous photo of the children's library compared to how it looks today.

I was amazed when I walked in and saw this! It's a privilege to do my Storytime in such a magical setting.

I had two lovely groups of children and families and both of my Storytimes were brilliant. I am thrilled that my Storytime at the libraries is back!

While I was at the libraries, I showed my new picture book for Billy Joins the Circus to some of the staff and the feedback was AMAZING! They told me that my book was brighter and more vibrant than the average picture books they had at the libraries and they loved the concept of the book with the music audiobook and interactive activities inside.

I am over the moon! 😃

BIG thank you to everyone who attended my events and thanks to the brilliant staff at the libraries and to Laura!

I hope to see you all again soon,

???? Anna Christina


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