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Summer Video Series

Woodwinds, flowers, frogs, butterflies, fairies, I have it all going on in my videos!

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My second children's video series is now in full swing! Several videos from my Chris the Caterpillar video series have already been released including my Storytime video and the super Listening and Visual Game video for kids above! 🎉

Music Audio Stories - Chris the Caterpillar Storytime with Anna Christina video shots image

Children will love listening to the sound effects and music parts from 'Chris the Caterpillar'! They will learn about flowers, instruments and their names and how they sound and enjoy the cute illustrations in the video.

I love teaching children with my Music Audio Stories about lots of things but YouTube has enabled me to teach in more depth about instruments used in my music audiobooks.

The Chris the Caterpillar soundtrack features lots of woodwind instruments such as the flute, oboe, clarinet, and bassoon. In my fun educational video above, children learn about woodwind and reed instruments. They learn the names of the instruments I used in my story, from these two families of instruments, and listen to how they sound individually.

Fun Facts About Caterpillars

In my second activity video, children learn some fun facts about caterpillars including how caterpillars become butterflies! I used real-life video footage I took of a hairy caterpillar I filmed in my garden in the video! Your little ones will love this informative video, with cute illustrations and sound effects.

Don't forget to get my Summer Bundle which includes the music audiobook, Chris the Caterpillar, a fun interactive activity, and cute printables to go with the story - NOW ON SALE! Woohooo!!! ????

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Prepare some colour pencils, crayons, or felt tips, and a piece of paper (or use the printable from my Digital Summer Bundle) for my next video this Saturday and subscribe to the Music Audio Stories YouTube Channel and hit the notification bell to make sure you don't miss my next videos in this series! ????

Happy Summertime!

???? Anna Christina


Chris the Caterpillar video series playlist below.

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