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Sunny Sunday at the market

We had a wonderful time at The Chase Market on Sunday!

Music Audio Stories stall at The Chase Market image

After hearing good things about this new market in Wimbledon Chase, we were excited to be taking part on Sunday 17th November! We had a stall and hosted two Storytimes.

As we pulled up, we were not sure what to expect! Having a stall is one thing, creating a space for children to enjoy Storytelling outdoors is another, especially as our workshops involve drawing!

There was no need to worry! We had a great spot in a corner with a large space and sponge matting.

As some of you may remember from my previous post about our last outdoor event, we had a few problems with our tablecloth blowing up all over the place! 😆 This time, I was prepared and had brought a lovely new blue tablecloth in a heavier material which looked pretty.

I wandered around the market and took a few photos of the fabulous stalls! The Chase Market looks lovely in Autumn with yellow and orange leaves dotted around everywhere. Everyone was friendly, there was a lovely atmosphere, and I was impressed with the variety and quality of the stalls at the market.

The Chase Market image
The Chase Market image
The Chase Market image

Storytime at the market was fantastic! It was amazing to see some families from my previous library workshops had come especially for my Storytimes. I had a funny 'Bridget Jones' moment before I began though! Trying to get people's attention in a bustling market situation is not as easy as it may seem. At first, I politely announced I was beginning. Then, when no one reacted, I raised my voice a little louder. Still, no one reacted! 😆 It was suggested that I play the CD, and sure enough, the sound of my audiobook grabbed people's attention and families gathered around! 😊

Storytime with Anna-Christina - Listening to Music Audio Stories at The Chase Market image
Storytime with Anna-Christina - Singing and dancing to Music Audio Stories at The Chase Market image
Storytime with Anna-Christina - Drawing Music Audio Stories at The Chase Market image

Listening, singing, dancing, and drawing with the children at The Chase Market.

I did two workshops. The children loved my story 'Billy Joins the Circus' and enjoyed the activities we did together. I loved doing my Storytimes outdoors, it was fun! 🍃 I would recommend popping by The Chase Market on a Sunday morning. Not only for the tasty treats on offer but to take part in the arts and crafts activities they include every week.

Big thank you to Lawrence, Leela and Carlos.

Keep an eye on our social media pages for more photos!

💚 Anna-Christina


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