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The Big Apple

An adventure story about a worm who wants to go to The Big Apple. This story includes a lively Ice Hockey game.

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The idea for this story began with two characters called 'Yes' and 'No'. They are two mischievous squirrels who confuse everyone by saying one thing but meaning another! The script for their scene took me ages to write! Apart from Christmas Magic, this audiobook is my most epic and it includes extremely detailed sound effects!

The score has many sections to it and Adie Hardy (the producer of this audiobook) added a little twist in the music at the end which I really love. One of the things that make my audio stories special from others you may have heard is the strong themed original classical music behind the narration. Unlike other audiobooks, the music continues throughout and is an essential part of the stories. However, in this story, I took out the music during the Ice Hockey scene which was a first. Find out more here Book Details.

Kids Corner

As my Storytime began to grow popular, so did my collection of children's artwork. I came up with the idea of having a Kids Corner on my website so I could post all of the children's drawings and make them a part of my creative world. Teachers have told me that Music Audio Stories drawings are the most talked-about drawings the children do. For at least that week anyway! 😊


Dawn Heslin from Bound4Escape thought this story was great! I did an interview for A Blue Million Books and was asked where I get my ideas from. I’ve always had a very creative mind. Stories and music just seem to flow out of me naturally. I like the idea of unlikely heroes and characters overcoming obstacles.

In this story, Ronnie the worm (voiced by me) is completely determined to get to New York City. The two mischievous squirrels try to confuse her and send her to an actual big apple! But what was not part of their plan, was that the apple was then picked, and taken to a market in New York City! 😁

Ronnie ends up at an Ice Hockey game where she catches 'The Magic Puck', appears on TV, goes to a disco, and has an amazing time! The two mischievous squirrels hear about this and they can't believe that she made it to New York City! This is my way of teaching children to never give up on the things they want to achieve. Never let anyone stop you from following your dreams. I think this is an important message for all of us, not just for children. Follow your dreams...

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