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The Making of a Picture Book

New Video Series - Behind the Scenes - Picture Book sketches and illustrations!

Anna Christina writing Music Audio Stories video scripts image

My new video series, The Making of a Picture Book, is in full swing and I am having a lot of fun showing you some of the very first sketches from the book. As I mentioned in the videos, my new picture book is based on one of my most popular music audiobooks Billy Joins the Circus.

In Video One - The Creation of the Characters, you saw the original sketches of the characters in the story. If you missed the video, check it out here Watch Video One on YouTube.

Here are the beautiful colour illustrations of Polly, the circus flying dolly, Billy the monkey and The Ringmaster, from the video. As you may have already seen, the image of Billy, is the same as the picture book cover! 😊

Billy Joins the Circus - Polly the circus flying dolly illustration by Jenika Ioffreda image
Billy Joins the Circus - Billy the monkey illustration by Jenika Ioffreda image
Billy Joins the Circus - The Ringmaster illustration by Jenika Ioffreda image

Colour illustrations of the characters featured in my story, Billy Joins the Circus.

Video Two - The Placement of the Words

I had a lot of fun filming the second video in this series! If you follow me on social media, you will have seen my posts about the stages of filming! I mentioned that I write scripts for my videos. These are only guides for me to follow in case I have a brain-freeze as I have found that no matter how prepared I think I am, on the day of filming I always forget my lines! 😆

In this video, I explain why the text in the book could not be edited and you will also see the original pencil sketch of the first page in the picture book!

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Billy Joins the Circus audiobook cover image

Billy Joins the Circus was inspired by my Storytime with the children at nursery! I wanted to create a music audiobook with a catchy song where children could move, dance and sing along. The story is about a monkey who wants to join a circus.

In the song, Billy sings about the things he can do in an attempt to impress the Ringmaster. This song has an incredible way of making you smile and want to join in singing. Find out more about the story here Book Details.

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Creating a Picture Book! | Billy Joins the Circus Blog Post

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