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This month, YouTube has been all about boxes! Lots and lots of boxes.

Anna Christina at Music Audio Stories Studios with books in boxes image

If you follow me on social media, you already know that throughout August I have been posting YouTube Shorts about the day I unboxed my picture books! The delivery of my first 200 books was truly a momentous day and I'm so glad I took the time to record this moment. The Music Audio Stories Studio is full of boxes! Boxes of picture books, envelopes, CDS, booklets, gift cards and rolls of customised wrapping paper. Seeing as there is currently no recording going on at the studio, it really is beginning to resemble a warehouse! 😆

Billy Joins the Circus picture book boxes stacked up at Music Audio Stories Studios image
Billy Joins the Circus picture books in a  box image
YouTube unboxing video film set for Billy Joins the Circus picture book image

I celebrated the day I opened the first box to look at my picture book, Billy Joins the Circus. I had already seen the finished result as I had a limited number of First Editions delivered at Christmas last year, but this was different. This was seeing the book as a final product without a critical eye. Enjoying it for what it was and acknowledging the hard work that had gone into producing such a high-quality book. For the first time, I could admire it and get excited about my future as a children's book author.

Billy Joins the Circus picture book box reveal image

My journey to becoming a children's author has been unexpected. A new phase of my life and business has already begun and I know that life will be busier than ever before but I am 100% up for the challenge. I can do the long days that often stretch late into the evening. I can do the heavy administration involved. I can manage the many social media platforms at once (with a little help from a friend). I can sit there making and wrapping up hundreds of books to perfection over and over again. Why? Because I love Music Audio Stories and I love the positive impact it's having on children.

Billy Joins the Circus, has already travelled far and wide with me this year. From Book Signing events at libraries and beautiful Chapels in Brompton to one of the largest events in London, MCM London Comic Con. I can't wait to see where it leads me next!

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